“This is a huge find,” emphasized Rae Linda Brown as she discussed the 2009 discovery of numerous scores by Florence B. Price (1887–1953), previously thought to be lost but now reunited with the composer’s other materials at the University of Arkansas.1 She continued,

[T]his is really significant for American music. Florence Price was writing primarily in the 1930s and in the 1940s and this is a pivotal time in American music history. It’s when American composers come into their own. So with these pieces, we now can finish this story. We can talk about what a sustained career looks like for an American composer, for a female composer, for an African American composer of the South; and the University of Arkansas Special Collections is going to be the heart of that story.

So, too, is Brown’s long-awaited monograph, published three years after the author’s passing. In conjunction with the...

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