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Current Issue
Volume 75,
Issue 1
Spring 2022
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Carmel Raz
There is, Berlioz writes in his essay “De la musique en général” (1837), “a strange agitation in my blood circulation: my arteries beat violently … a trembling overtakes my limbs and a numbness my hands and feet, while the nerves of sight and ...
Roger Mathew Grant
During the eighteenth century, a vibrant tradition of choral and orchestral music flourished among the Chiquitano Indigenous people. Coerced into entering Jesuit missions in the Spanish Viceroyalty of Peru (now eastern Bolivia) the Chiquitano first ...

About the Journal

One of the premier journals in musicology, Journal of the American Musicological Society publishes scholarship from a broad array of musical inquiry: from historical musicology, critical theory, music analysis, iconography and organology, to pedagogy, performance practice, aesthetics and hermeneutics, ethnomusicology, gender and sexuality, popular music, and cultural studies. Recognized for the breadth of its intellectual scope and its penetration in the field, JAMS informs musicological scholarship with articles, book reviews, and other communications.

ISSN: 0003-0139
eISSN: 1547-3848
Frequency: Triannual
Published: April, August, December

Editor-in-Chief: Kevin C. Karnes, Emory University
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