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Current Issue
Volume 52,
Issue 2
April 2022
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Fiona Amery
This article explores the influence of conventions set by The Photographic Atlas of Auroral Forms , published by the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics (1930), on protocols employed at Arctic stations researching the aurora borealis ...
Andrew J. Ross
This article examines the fault lines upon which two scientists, Carl Sagan and Edward Teller, debated the nuclear winter hypothesis in the 1980s. It investigates how Sagan and Teller practiced science and understood its social value through their ...
Peter Thompson
While the histories of chemical and nuclear weapons are often categorically demarcated, this paper presents the transitional history between the development of early chemical weapons and the first atomic bomb in order to reveal both the ...
Whitney E. Laemmli

About the Journal

Explore the fascinating world of Historical Studies in the Natural Sciences, a journal that reveals the diverse histories and practices of technical, professional, and vernacular knowledge as they have developed since the 18th century. HSNS offers in-depth historical articles on a broad range of scientific and technical fields that span the globe in focus. HSNS is also a welcoming forum for papers that investigate the intersection of these histories with studies of gender, race, sexuality, the environment, and other topics. Each volume of HSNS offers a wide selection of original research articles, notable reviews, and special issues by influential and emerging scholars. 

ISSN: 1939-1811         eISSN: 1939-182X

Published: February, April, June, September, November

Impact Factor: 1.162 (SSCI), 1.162 (SCIE)

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