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Keywords: MENA region
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Global Perspectives (2024) 5 (1): 93059.
Published: 28 May 2024
... produce patterns of visibility and invisibility. I then shift attention to a discussion of how the emergent scholarship on non-Western IR and other approaches from within the MENA region itself may contribute to different ways of researching and teaching conflict and security in the MENA. The essay...
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Global Perspectives (2024) 5 (1): 94457.
Published: 07 March 2024
... benefit greatly from paying close attention to how scholars studying the MENA region have incorporated elites into their analyses. After broadly exploring the institutional turn in the study of authoritarian politics, this essay highlights some of the ways in which elite dynamics have been utilized...
Journal Articles
Global Perspectives (2024) 5 (1): 93873.
Published: 04 March 2024
... research MENA region References Confessions of a retired academic Abdulla Abdulkhaleq Dar Al-Farabi Beirut 2014 Abdulla, Abdulkhaleq. 2014. Confessions of a Retired Academic . Beirut: Dar Al-Farabi. Social Sciences in the Arab World: Forms of Presence ACSS Arab Council...
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Global Perspectives (2024) 5 (1): 93045.
Published: 15 February 2024
... Research and Consultation Center at Cairo University (Gomaa 2004) with the title Public Policy Analysis in the Arab Nation . It includes a number of contributions by Arab scholars from Egypt, Jordan, and Lebanon. Public policy studies in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region are usually...
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