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Journal Articles
Global Perspectives (2023) 4 (1): 71495.
Published: 10 March 2023
...Stein Ringen This commentary is part of Global Perspectives review symposium on democracy. Can we introduce good social control by way of regulations? To some degree, perhaps. Steven and I hope so. But it is, in a way, a self-defeating enterprise. A democratic culture, we are reminded...
Journal Articles
Global Perspectives (2023) 4 (1): 72771.
Published: 08 March 2023
...Michael Hechter This review is part of Global Perspectives Review Symposium on Democracy. Why has the Left in nearly all of the older democracies succumbed to neoliberalism (at least, until very recently)? Is there no substitute for neoliberalism? If not, why can’t authorities use...
Journal Articles
Global Perspectives (2023) 4 (1): 70432.
Published: 24 February 2023
...Ewa Atanassow Francis Fukuyama, Liberalism and Its Discontents (New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2022) Stein Ringen, How Democracies Live: Power, Statecraft, and Freedom in Modern Societies (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2022) Reviewing two recent books, Francis Fukuyama’s Liberalism...
Journal Articles
Global Perspectives (2023) 4 (1): 68114.
Published: 03 February 2023
...Steven E. Zipperstein The three books featured in this Global Perspectives review symposium – Stein Ringen’s How Democracies Live; Francis Fukuyama’s Liberalism and its Discontents; and Craig Calhoun, Dilip Gaonkar and Charles Taylor’s Degenerations of Democracy – each raise important and urgent...
Journal Articles
Global Perspectives (2022) 3 (1): 33927.
Published: 18 April 2022
..., the problem of methodological nationalism, and what the social sciences mean today. They also talk about the impact of neoliberalism, the state of democracy, and the role of civil society. 1. Anheier@hertie-school.org democracy civil society wars international relations geopolitics political...
Journal Articles
Global Perspectives (2021) 2 (1): 19096.
Published: 19 February 2021
... of liberal democracies, their problem-solving capacity was limited, and the process of making decisions approached democratic ideals at best. Yet the current predicament goes deeper. We lack a compelling vision of ideal political institutions for handling global problems such as climate change. In order...
Journal Articles
Global Perspectives (2021) 2 (1): 19051.
Published: 09 February 2021
... and forms of authoritarianism. political theory economic governance democracy authoritarianism neoliberalism Martin Beddeleem is a postdoctoral fellow at the Department of Global Studies at Aarhus University. He writes on the history of early neoliberalism, its theory of science, and its...
Journal Articles
Global Perspectives (2020) 1 (1): 18381.
Published: 22 December 2020
... clear. In the longstanding liberal democracies today, political party ties to civil society groups have weakened, parties are less differentiated on economic policy, and citizens increasingly turn to mass protest, rather than civic engagement, to express their grievances. 1. jdkuo@stanford.edu...
Journal Articles
Global Perspectives (2020) 1 (1): 17259.
Published: 22 October 2020
...Claus Offe; Helmut K. Anheier In this interview, Claus Offe and Helmut Anheier examine the state of Eastern Europe 30 years after the fall of communism, explore the relationship between capitalism and democracy, and discuss what the social sciences mean today. They talk about the stresses...
Journal Articles
Global Perspectives (2020) 1 (1): 17637.
Published: 20 October 2020
... and the complex problems in studying the shocks created by the Covid-19 pandemic. Second part is devoted to major challenges and trade-offs states, governments and citizens have to face currently, focusing on one particular which is crucial for the future quality of liberal democracies, that is a trade-off...
Journal Articles
Global Perspectives (2020) 1 (1): 16757.
Published: 18 September 2020
...Claus Thomasberger 1. claus.thomasberger@gmail.com © 2020 by The Regents of the University of California. All Rights Reserved. 2020 karl polanyi european integration constitutionalism democracy commodity fiction market society As factors of production, labor, money...
Journal Articles
Global Perspectives (2020) 1 (1): 16702.
Published: 02 September 2020
... and minds between the main political protagonists. The following section scrutinizes the policies applied by these actors, and their implications for democracy. The final section tries to envisage a democratic politics suitable for the world of viruses, super-bugs, climate change, poverty and hyper...
Journal Articles
Global Perspectives (2020) 1 (1): 14130.
Published: 14 August 2020
...John Keane 1. john.keane@sydney.edu.au © 2020 by The Regents of the University of California. All Rights Reserved. 2020 policing populism governance democracy ralf dahrendorf revolution totalitarianism civil society Forty years ago, mere mention of the phrase civil...
Journal Articles
Global Perspectives (2020) 1 (1): 13380.
Published: 31 July 2020
... Verfassungsrecht Böckenförde Ernst-Wolfgang Suhrkamp Verlag Frankfurt am Main 1991 Böckenförde, Ernst-Wolfgang. 1991. Staat, Verfassung, Demokratie: Studien zur Verfassungstheorie und zum Verfassungsrecht . Frankfurt am Main: Suhrkamp Verlag. The Quality of Democracy in Central and Eastern Europe...
Journal Articles
Global Perspectives (2020) 1 (1): 13378.
Published: 14 July 2020
...) . These new international institutions will thus recreate the promarket constitutional and political constraints that, in Hayek’s view, sustained the liberal order of the nineteenth century until the rise of mass democracy. 7 I am far from the first to call attention to Hayek’s vision, one that appears...
Journal Articles
Global Perspectives (2020) 1 (1): 12036.
Published: 09 April 2020
.... All Rights Reserved. 2020 democracy economic growth measures influence peddling bribery corruption Everyone would agree that corruption is a scourge and one of the most stubborn obstacles to development. Corruption distorts policymaking, misallocates public funds, hinders business...