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The Great Questions of Our Time and the Future of the Liberal Order: A Special Collection


Helmut K. Anheier, Hertie School, Gemany and Luskin School of Public Affairs, UCLA, USA

INTRODUCTION: What are the great questions of our time and for the future of the liberal order? This is the question we posed to a diverse group of social scientists, inviting reflections based on their intellectual interests, curiosity and expertise. We did so in the spirit of a seminal article sociologist Ralf Dahrendorf wrote about the role of intellectuals, in which he famously stated that they “… have the duty to doubt everything that is obvious, to make relative all authority, to ask all those questions that no one else dares to ask.” What, then, are these questions intellectuals should ask today, nearly 60 years after he wrote these impassioned words? And do they have answers?

The Dahrendorf Forum is a collaborative project of the Hertie School and LSE Ideas of the London School of Economics and Political Science, honoring the legacy of Lord Ralf Dahrendorf.


Introduction: The Great Questions of Our Time and the Future of the Liberal Order

Helmut K. Anheier

The $19,000 Question: How Will the Economic Consequences of the Coronavirus Pandemic Affect the Financial System?

Howard Davies

Responses to the COVID-19 Economic Crisis: Challenges for Global Governance

Iain Begg

The Rodrik Trilemma and the Dahrendorf Quandary: An Empirical Assessment

Helmut Anheier & Alexandru Filip

Can We Rebuild the Economic Consensus?

Linda Yueh

The Politics of Pandemics

Jan Zielonka

Ten Questions for Governments—and Answers the Social Sciences Can Provide

Bruno S. Frey & Margit Osterloh

Is citizenship dead?

Lisa Anderson

Which Is More Compelling: Religion or War?

Mark Juergensmeyer

Multilateralism 2.0: It Is Here—Are We Ready for It?

Inge Kaul

Can a planet in peril contain geopolitical rivalries?

Kishore Mahbubani

Democracy and the polarization of politics and society (coming soon)

Rudolf Stichweh

The Future of Liberal Democracies, Pandemic Trade-Offs, and the Role of Social Sciences

Radoslaw Markowski

The Need for a Collective Social Conscience

Mohamed Nabil Fahmy

Will the COVID-19 Crisis Change Global International Affairs?

Arne Westad

Are Public Bureaucracies Supposed to Be High Reliability Organizations?

Wolfgang Seibel

Third-Order Problems in World Society Exacerbate First-Order Problems

Michael Zürn

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