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Special Collection: Radical dislocation? Globalization (and its scholarship) in a time of Pandemic

Guest Editors
Jill Timms, University of Surrey, UK
Alison Hulme, University of Northampton, UK

This special issue looks at the intersection between the COVID pandemic and globalization. In doing so, it aims to explore the ways in which globalization has impacted upon the pandemic and vice versa focussing especially on areas such as migration and mobilities, consumption and sustainability, equalities/inequalities, and neoliberalism. The title posits the idea and reality of dislocation as a motif with unique purchase in a time of interlaced crises and uncertainties for global scholarship. Dislocation is manifest in the COVID pandemic of course, but also in the intensifying crisis of neo-liberal capitalism and its consequences economically, socially, and environmentally. Dislocation finds form in systems but also in lived experiences across the globe. As a concept, it speaks directly to Global Perspectives’ intent to overcome national and disciplinary fragmentation and isolation, and attempts to address head-on the complexities of the current global realities.

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