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Special Collection: Global Political Economy of COVID-19

Guest Editors:

Malcolm Campbell-Verduyn, University of Duisburg-Essen and University of Groningen
Lukas Linsi, University of Groningen
Saliha Metinsoy, University of Groningen
Gerda van Roozendaal, University of Groningen

The COVID-19 pandemic is not merely an epidemiological phenomenon, but a set of global crises intertwined with political and economic processes in manifold ways. This collection brings together fifteen contributions from the interdiscipline of Global Political Economy reflecting on origins, implications and responses during the first year of the global pandemic.

Origins: Voelkner; Katz-Rosene; Linsi
Implications: Bernards; Spendzharova; Egger; Weinhard/Brandi; Babic
Responses: Narlikar; Gertz; Ban; Metinsoy; Tsingou; Fuller; Campbell-Verduyn

Trade and FDI: Narlikar; Linsi; Gertz; Weinhardt/Brandi
Finance: Ban; Fuller; Metinsoy; Tsingou; Spendzharova; Egger
Environment and technology: Voelkner; Katz-Rosene; Campbell-Verduyn
International order: Bernards; Babic

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