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Special Collection: Race and Identity in the Study of International Political Economy

Global Research in International Political Economy (GRIPE) Webinar and commentaries

Organized 30 September 2020

Webinar Moderator:
Layna Mosley, Princeton University

Andy Baker, University of Colorado, Boulder
Alexandra Guisinger, Temple University
Kate McNamara, Georgetown University
J.P. Singh, George Mason University
Pavithra Suryanarayan, Johns Hopkins University

Commentary Authors:
Layna Mosley, Princeton University
Gina Yannitell Reinhardt, University of Essex
Rachel Wellhausen, The University of Texas at Austin
Maha Rafi Atal, Copenhagen Business School

This special collection features commentaries on the 30 September 2020 Global Research in International Political Economy (GRIPE) webinar. A full recording of the webinar is included in the collection.

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