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Section: Politics, Governance, and the Law

Section Editor: Hagen Schulz-Forberg, University of Aarhus

Within national contexts, politics, governance and law may seem to be settled categories. Yet from a global perspective, they are increasingly contested, as are the relations among them. From the pinnacle and then the unravelling of European empires to the emergence of international law based on a liberal teleology, multilateralism and international institutions, the trinity of politics, governance and law shaped the “long twentieth century” of nation state developments. In the 21st century, however, other powers are rising that put forward different notions of politics, governance and law. Research is needed that explores these issues in a transnational context, and the Politics, Governance, and the Law Section of Global Perspectives seeks contributions that think broadly, innovatively, and deeply about the past, present and future of these issues.

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