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Section: Culture, Values, and Identities

Section Editor: Helmut Anheier, Hertie School and UCLA

Culture is one of the most complex social science terms, deeply implicated in diverse and contested discourses. That globalization affects culture and vice versa may seem to be a truism, but it nonetheless involves some of the most vexing questions of our times that remain inadequately documented, analyzed and understood. They challenge systems of meaning and sense-making as well as values and attitudes. The triangle of cultural heritage, identity and memory, long assumed a foundation of societies, has become uncertain and is being transformed. At the same time, culture has become an instrument of economic development and urban revitalization, encapsulated in terms like creative cities or creative economy. Yet culture is also about the arts, and the interpretative frames for cultural artifacts, and who owns, represents, collects, preserves, buys or sells them. The Culture, Values, and Identities Section of Global Perspectives welcomes contributions that speak to these issues.

Please see Helmut Anheier’s essay, Cultures, Values, and Identities: What are the Issues?

Please visit the Culture, Values, and Identity section page.
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