Tech hubs—usually associated with San Francisco, London, Seoul, and Bangalore—are physical spaces that house activities that result in innovation, scientific advancement, and the creation of start-ups. Yet over 650 tech hubs now exist on the African continent, and many have a focus on artificial intelligence. The rapid emergence of tech hubs in Africa presents a puzzle, as traditional notions about where tech hubs emerge is challenged by this reality. This article explores how technical expertise and foreign direct investment contribute to the rising number of tech hubs in a country. Regression analysis supplemented with case study analyses of Ghana, Tanzania, and South Africa show that technical expertise and foreign direct investment are correlated with the number of tech hubs in an African country. This regression analysis focuses on the artificial intelligence industry, which has been highlighted as particularly important by national governments and hubs within the region. African countries are not typically thought of as global leaders in technology, yet the proliferation of tech hubs presents a narrative of a region fostering an exciting, innovative ecosystem.

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