The relevance of the study is due to the fact that the participation of the Central Asian countries in the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation Program in the modern world has the potential to play an important role in the foundation of regional projects in logistics and energy. The purpose of the work is to provide recommendations on how to eliminate errors in the process of improving the projects of Central Asian regional economic cooperation and to analyze this mechanism in logistics and energy. Among the methods used should be noted the analytical method, the classification method, the functional method, the statistical method, and the synthesis method. It is important to analyze the functioning of this mechanism in order to assess its effectiveness and develop work in the logistics and energy sectors. The issues of evaluation of cooperation are considered, indicating problems and prospects, the expediency of participation, their limitations in cooperation, and the impact of limitations on the result. Recommendations re proposed that would contribute to the effective regulation of the issue. It is determined that the improvement of Central Asian regional economic cooperation projects plays an important role in creating conditions for intraregional and interregional trade and contributes to the development of logistics. The practical value lies in applying the findings to rectify organizational errors and enhance Central Asian regional economic cooperation projects related to logistics and energy, considering multiple factors. Thus, recommendations for improved Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation functioning are provided.

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