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Global Perspectives

Global Perspectives is devoted to the study of global patterns and developments across a wide range of topics and fields.


Recently Published
Adam Knight, Joshua Hastey
The receding perennial ice sheets over the polar north have fueled interest in the possibilities for new shipping routes through Arctic waters as well as concern over growing incentives for competition in the region. While these incentives are ...
Susan K Sell
Twenty-first-century capitalism is fundamentally different from the neoliberalism of the late twentieth century. The prominence of finance, intellectual property (IP) protection, and digital platform businesses raises new regulatory challenges. ...
Mary Kaldor, Helmut K. Anheier
In this interview, Mary Kaldor and Helmut K. Anheier examine the state of Eastern Europe thirty years after the fall of communism; they explore the differences between old wars and new wars, the relevance of Clausewitz in the field of international ...
Nea Lepinkäinen, Hanna Maria Malik
This article provides an empirically based analysis of the struggle around the use of artificial intelligence and automated decision-making systems in Finnish public governance. After an experimental phase, constitutional boundaries halted the use ...
Melissa Nisbett, J. Simon Rofe
Since entering mainstream discourse, the term “soft power” has become more popular than ever. The last ten years has seen the emergence of a number of international polls that rank countries based on their soft power. These rankings have not just ...

About the Journal

Global Perspectives (GP) is an online-only, peer-reviewed, transdisciplinary journal seeking to advance social science research and debates in a globalizing world, specifically in terms of concepts, theories, methodologies, and evidence bases. Work published in the journal is enriched by invited perspectives that enhance its global and interdisciplinary implications.

eISSN: 2575-7350

Frequency:  Published continually

Editor-in-Chief: Helmut K. Anheier, Hertie School and Luskin School of Public Affairs, UCLA 


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Communications and Media

Payal Arora, Section Editor

Culture, Values, and Identity

Helmut Anheier, Section Editor

Technology and Global Change

Josephine Wolff, Section Editor

Politics, Governance, and the Law

Hagen Schulz-Forberg, Section Editor
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