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Gastronomica is an international, interdisciplinary journal, publishing work that presents original research and writing which advances our understanding and appreciation of the most pressing topics in the world of food, and invites critical debate and commentary across diverse audiences around the world. We therefore welcome submissions from all disciplines and perspectives, and encourage language that is clear, vivid, and free from specialized jargon – whether for Scholarly, Food Phenomena, or Review submissions (see below for more details).

Submit to Gastronomica

Submission Procedures
All Scholarly and Food Phenomena pieces should be submitted to our online submission platform, Scholastica All reviews (for books, films, television, and any other media platforms such as visual expositions or podcasts) should be submitted by email to [email protected]. Prospective reviewers should please contact the Reviews Editor to propose a review before completing a submission.

General Style/Formatting Requirements

  • Chicago Manual of Style, 17th Edition: in-text citations (Author, date); double-spaced, Notes/References Cited at the end of the text. American spelling; italics (not underlining) for emphasis.
  • Italicization of non-English words: all culinary and cultural terms regardless of their country of origin will be romanized in print, and italics will only be used for emphasis, or by express request of the contributing author.
  • Accompanying photography/artwork also welcome (author(s) responsible for clearing permissions prior to publication: please see artwork guidelines here).

Scholarly Submissions:
Each submission should include the following items as separate attachments:

  • Main submission: Formatted as Word Doc (no PDFs), up to 8,000 words. No author name(s) affiliated. 
  • Abstract: a brief (250 words or less) description of the work, including title and 5-6 keywords. No author name(s) affiliated. 
  • Cover letter, featuring a brief biographical statement. Please include full contact information (address, phone, email) with this cover letter. (If available, please include suggested peer reviewers and their contact information in this document.)

Food Phenomena Submissions:
In addition to research/scholarly articles (all of which will be subject to external peer review), we welcome submissions under the banner “Food Phenomena” (for internal review only): short, critical pieces, photography, original artwork, and any other visual compositions. (Click here for more detailed submission guidelines.)

Submissions for “Food Phenomena” are flexible, but subject to the following general guidelines:

  • Submissions can be relatively short (500-1000 words), or framed as longer feature articles (up to 8,000 words). Submitted as a Word document, with a clear/descriptive title, a word count, and 4-6 keywords.

Book and Film/Media Review Guidelines
Gastronomica solicits reviews of books, films and television shows that focus on interdisciplinary considerations of food and food systems. We invite suggestions for reviews of specific books, films, television shows, or art exhibitions, and also regularly offer the opportunity to review a particular title to a recognized scholar with a relevant field of expertise. For more detailed book and media review guidelines and to propose a review, please consult these guidelines, and/or contact [email protected] for further details.

Review Submissions

  • Reviews should be 500-1000 words, submitted as a Word document, with a word count included. Submissions will be internally reviewed.

Author Agreement
Please note that all authors whose papers are accepted for publication are required to sign an Author Agreement.


Any queries regarding scholarly pieces, or general journal operations, should be sent to our managing editor at [email protected]. Questions or concerns regarding reviews and the Food Phenomena section should be sent to [email protected].

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