While artist-designer Jens Quistgaard sold his flatware designs to Copenhagen’s Museum of Arts and Crafts, Martha and Ted Nierenberg searched for designs that coordinated well with the changing landscape of the American kitchen and the modern home. The eventual collaboration between these transcontinental families led to the launch of the American company and well-known brand, Dansk Designs; it all began with a set of flatware. “Set for Transition: Dansk Designs’ Fjord Flatware” is the story behind the foundation of the company, featuring a thorough description of Fjord flatware’s form and relationship with the mid-century design moment. The combination of teak and stainless steel shaped into precise and biomorphic forms by Quistgaard, transformed ordinary tools into usable sculpture that had never before been seen in the American market. Quistgaard and the Nierenbergs introduced this stainless-steel flatware, later to be followed by the introduction of enameled-steel cookware, lacquered maple trays, cast-iron and bottle-glass candleholders, and more—forever altering the landscape of the American table.

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