This is a profile of Edna Greenwood (1888-1972) who today is considered one of our first important collectors of American antiques, as well as our country's first significant collectors of culinaria. Whether she or anyone around her realized it at the time, she may have been our first American culinary historian of sorts. Beside being a mini-biography, this is also the story of an 18th-century-style dinner that Greenwood served one night in September 1946 to members of the Walpole Society, an exclusive all-male antiques-collector club founded in 1910 and still in existence. The meal took place at her restored Time Stone Farm in Marlborough, Massachusetts, where she and her family lived for decades without electricity and other conveniences. The narrative includes a description of the food and thumbnails of the guests (Henry du Pont was one). The epilogue discusses how her pioneering collections came to rest at the Smithsonian Institution.

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