Gerald and Sara Murphy were friends to scores of the twentieth century's leading artists, writers, and composers including Picasso, Lééger, Fitzgerald, Hemingway, and Stravinsky, among others. The Murphys created a life of beautiful things for themselves, their three children, and their circle of friends. Trans-Atlantic Americans, the Murphys took great joy in entertaining especially at their home in Antibes, which they named Villa America. Gerald was famous for preparing his legendary signature drinks, including one he called the "Juice of a Few Flowers." He was an extremely talented artist - although short-lived - and one of his few paintings, Cocktail, depicts all the accoutrements that would be found on a bar tray.

Gerald and Sara often hosted their famous friends at parties that included F. Scott Fitzgerald's drunken outbursts. They drank sherry with the Hemingways in Pamplona and ate ranch food with them in Montana. Always accommodating, they kept recipes of friends' favorite foods to serve at their intimate gatherings. Through their warmth and ability to entertain, the Murphys created a life of beautiful things for themselves and everyone around them.

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