A widely-held theory amongst wine professionals says that premium quality winegrowing is impossible closer to the equator than 30°° latitude North and South. However, since 1995 a small group of Thai entrepreneurs and Thai winemakers have proved that impressive reds can be produced from the Syrah/Shiraz grape and dry whites from Chenin Blanc between 12°° and 18°° North in regions with a monsoon climate. Tropical viticulture requires a completely different approach to winegrowing in regions with temperate and Mediterranean climates. The mastering of this technique in Thailand, India and Tanzania during recent years opens a new era in global winegrowing. More radical still are the premium quality wines being produced in Thailand from local fruits, herbs, hone and even roots. Stuart Pigott takes the reader with him on a roller-coaster journey through the genuinely "new world" of tropical winegrowing and winemaking.

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