Diana Kennedy, culinary historian and cookbook author, explains regional Mexican cuisines to a global audience. L. Peat O'Neil interviews Kennedy and the wide-ranging discussion covers organic agriculture in Mexico, the effects of NAFTA on small farmers, rural activists and the diversity of Mexico's agricultural produce. Kennedy comments on chefs in Mexico City and contemporary Mexican cooking. Kennedy notes that progress in sustainable agriculture is slow in Mexico because of government disinterest and corruption. Kennedy discusses her many visits to the state of Oaxaca, where organic product branding as "Fair Trade organic" first was applied. Her current book project is focused on Oaxaca's regional recipes from remote areas of the state. Kennedy fosters all aspects of sustainable living. Other sources quoted include Pablo Span, a farmer-hotel owner in San Cayetano, Michoacan; and Salvador V. Garibay, a consultant with the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) based in Frick, Switzerland. Garibay works on organic agricultural projects in Mexico and Central America.

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