How plummy the peaches, how peachy the nectarines, how cherry the roundy plums, the luscious bums of summer. Stone fruit family portrait: clan of the dimple crack, now blushing, now brazen. Ribcage stuffed with zealous beneficial apricots. Cranium crammed with jolly cherries, tailgating down the dangling spine. Pelvis cradling cheeky plums: how they smack and bite! Rotund peach on a high-wire platform; slick nectarine kicking back on any stoop. Tasty interlopers, welcome settlers, with their fleshy Old World propaganda, the glowing precision of their come-hither ways. Hyperbole of baskets! Tiddlywinks in a knapsack! Nutjobs! Showboaters! Long daylights of entertainment, sticky fingers, sticky chins, slurping the juices, spitting out the nibbling pits. Sunlit giddyup, daisy chain of pies and cobblers, murmuring of jams and preserves, processional of dandy tarts. Glorious pandowdy revenge.

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