Shomit Barua is an intermedia artist and doctoral student in the School of Arts, Media, and Engineering at Arizona State University. He specializes in ecoacoustics, responsive environments, and emergent narratives.

Camille Bégin is a historian of food and the senses and the author of an award-winning book, Taste of the Nation: The New Deal Search for America’s Food (University of Illinois Press, 2016). She lives and writes between Toronto and Paris.

Holly Brause completed a PhD in cultural anthropology and now works as a research scientist at the New Mexico Water Resources Research Institute. Her research interests include food and agriculture, natural resources, the politics of transboundary water sharing, anthropology of the future, and the US/Mexico borderlands.

Chanelle Dupuis is a PhD candidate in French and Francophone studies at Brown University. Her research focuses on smell, the senses, perception, and trauma in twentieth-century French and Francophone literature. Beyond this, she...

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