In 2011, Brooklyn-based artist Heather Hart introduced her interactive installation The Oracle of Epicure: Tooth for Tooth. For this, she transcribed a selection of recipes onto note cards and adorned each with an original drawing. Filed in a recipe box and set on top of a desk, viewers were invited to take one card in exchange for a recipe of their own that was to be written from memory on the spot. This article gives the particulars of Heather's installation with special attention given to the source of her recipes: Harry H. Hart's Favorite Recipes of Williams College, with Training Table Records, Notes and Menus (1951). Harry Hart, a chef at Williams College from 1917 to 1954, was Heather's great grandfather. Harry Hart, Jr., Heather's grandfather, was also a chef at Williams College from 1938 until circa 1959. By way of Tooth for Tooth, the Hart family's rich culinary history is conveyed for the first time here.

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