In the global marketplace where real products are sold alongside knockoffs, how do the genuine producers and the consumer guarantee integrity? Scientists have entered the fray through microbiology. By utilizing the same, specific bacteria to create regional cheeses, scientists are collaborating with producers and government regulators to ensure that the cheese sold under its name is, in fact, the genuine product. Further, they are introducing tracer bacteria, which have no expressed characteristics in the cheese and are accessible only in the labs and to the farmers. By doing so, the scientists are ensuring that fake producers can be caught as they do not have the tracer bacteria. Despite this uniform microbiology of regional cheeses, diversity of flavor, texture, appearance, and aroma exists from each producer. Using Rolf Beeler (who is widely regarded among cheese experts as Switzerland's best Maitre Fromager) as an example, we find evidence that while bacteria is the essential base for integrity, the craft or art of making the cheese very much depends on the artisan.

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