This article discusses the popular weekly AgroShopping market in Asuncion, Paraguay, which merges the atmosphere of a farmer's market with markers of gastronomic and cultural diversity and national identity. Located in the parking lot of a modern shopping mall, AgroShopping provides urban dwellers with the opportunity to buy fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses, and other agricultural or artisanal products, as well as a range of prepared foods from various culinary traditions. At least some of the agricultural products can be purchased directly from producers. Thus, while shoppers at supermarkets or street stalls may not be able to ascertain the origins of some fresh foods, at AgroShopping, consumers can speak directly with producers in order to learn more about when something was picked, produced, or packaged. AgroShopping vendors may also choose to highlight the Paraguayan origin of their products by drawing on traditional markers of national identity. The AgroShopping slogan, Una costumbre natural, highlights the market's attempt to position itself as drawing on the agricultural history of Paraguay, and as helping to maintain contemporary field-to-table relationships with food producers.

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