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Current Issue
Volume 34,
Issue 5
June 2022
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Nila Bala
In the two years since the start of the pandemic, COVID-19 continues to acutely affect those in the criminal legal system. In response, judges have considered a vaccine requirement as a condition of community supervision. Courts have justified the ...
Alison K. Guernsey
Supervised release revocation hearings result in the imprisonment of thousands of people per year. But unlike people facing substantive charges, those confronting revocation are not entitled to robust discovery protections. Instead, courts across ...
Miriam Krinsky, Monica Fuhrmann
The federal community supervision system is in need of reforms that promote fairness and justice, and can look to changes and innovations in state and local level supervision as a guide to creating transformation. This article begins with a brief ...
Fiona Doherty
United States v. Haymond, 139 S.Ct. 2369 (2019), exposed critical disagreements within the U.S. Supreme Court about the law and nature of federal supervised release. In competing 4-4-1 opinions, the justices clashed on whether framing a violation of ...
Scott Anders, Jay Whetzel
The men and women leaving federal prison continue to reoffend at an unacceptably high rate. The authors here argue that such outcomes are unlikely to improve due to a host of structural, bureaucratic, and cultural differences between the federal ...

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Federal Sentencing Reporter explores in detail the complex sector of sentencing law, practice and theory.  Published five times annually, each issue is organized around a central topic or theme and will feature articles, cases and other primary materials written by judges, prosecutors and defense attorneys, probation officers, scholars, and members of sentencing commissions. Learn more about Federal Sentencing Reporter.

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Published five times annually – October, December, February, April, June 

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