BOOK DATA: Catherine Knight Steele, Digital Black Feminism. New York: New York University Press, 2021. $85.00 hardcover. 208 pages, 5 b/w illustrations.

In her book Digital Black Feminism, Catherine Knight Steele puts forth a seemingly simple request: center Black women in discussions about technology. With this request, her book lays out a wealth of evidence as to why centering Black women in these discussions is important both theoretically and practically. To do so, Steele masterfully articulates the lines of inquiry that emerge when history accounts for the exclusions of Black women who, she skillfully argues, have always been adept users of technology. Digital black feminism as a theoretical framework will be useful for interdisciplinary scholars interested in current iterations of black feminism and digital organizing.

One of the main theses of the book is that any discussion about technoculture that does not seriously incorporate black feminism is sorely...

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