Marceline Loridan-Ivens may be best known for her scene-stealing participation in Jean Rouch and Edgar Morin's cinema verité classic, Chronicle of a Summer (1961). However, as FQ contributing editor Joan Dupont makes manifestly clear in her evocative appreciation, Loridan-Ivens was a true force of nature; an actress, director, and writer who remained creatively active and productive throughout her long life. She was also a Holocaust survivor, who returned to her experiences in the camps through her writing and filmmaking but found a way for her trauma to coexist with an irrepressible zest for life. Through interviews with over eight of Loridan-Ivens closest friends and family members, Dupont creates a multiperspectival portrait of Loridan-Ivens, including her years of close collaboration with her life partner, director Joris Ivens.

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