Mostly Lost is a workshop convened by the US Library of Congress that invites participants to help identify and learn about lost, unknown, and underidentified silent films. Mostly Lost 4 took place from June 11–13, 2015, at the Packard Campus of the National Audio Visual Conservation Center in Culpepper, Virginia. Film archives from North America and Europe screened fragments during Unidentified Film Sessions, with lectures and presentations interspersed between sessions. Evening screenings included recent restoration projects on Chaplin (The Bank, 1915), William Gillette (Sherlock Holmes, 1916), and Norma Talmadge (The Moth, 1917). This report summarizes the events of Mostly Lost 4 and offers descriptions of archiving, digitization, and restoration of early cinema, along with critical commentary on the quest for lost films. Participants were able to identify only 30 percent of the unknown films screened during the workshop.

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