How can we account for the fact that, out of the blue, a short, seemingly simple video can move us so deeply that for a time we cannot not look at it? In the case of Brazilian filmmaker Carlos Adriano’s short video Sem Titulo #1:Dance of Leitfossil (“Untitled #1: Dance of Leitfossil,” 2014) it’s the fact that the considerable pleasure of Adriano’s combination of his reworking of an Astaire-Rogers dance routine with Ana Moura’s popular song, “Desfado,” is only the invitation to this “dance.” Several subtle details make clear that the video is a celebration of Bernardo Vorobow, who until his death in 2009 was the Amos Vogel of Brazil—as well as Adriano’s long-time partner in filmmaking and in life. Sem Titulo #1 is an exhilarating tribute to their 27-year relationship and to the revival of Adriano’s creative passion after a period of mourning.

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