Debates on gun violence in America rely on value-laden data and value-laden representations of that data. How can those of us using data in such debates best lade our representations with pro-intersectional feminist values?

Overmorrow is an ongoing project that sonifies American gun violence data. Sonification is the process of presenting a data set for conceptualization through sound—the aural equivalent of visualization. Overmorrow is based on the supposition that because sound locates a listener in a moment in time, sonification facilitates relational logic in certain data conceptualizations, and relational logic can in turn facilitate recognition.

Judith Butler argues in Precarious Life: The Powers of Mourning and Violence (2004) that all people are commonly vulnerable to violence (in the most primitive sense—that our living bodies are susceptible to death), but that “recognition [of this vulnerability] has the power to change the meaning and structure of … vulnerability itself. In this sense,...

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