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Current Issue
Volume 6,
Issue 4
Fall 2020

About the Journal

Feminist Media Histories publishes original research, oral histories, primary documents, conference reports, and archival news on radio, television, film, video, digital technologies, and other media across a range of historical periods and global contexts. Inter-medial and trans-national in its approach, Feminist Media Histories examines the historical role gender has played in varied media technologies, and documents women’s engagements with these media as audiences, users and consumers, creators and executives, critics, writers and theorists, technicians and laborers, educators, activists, and librarians.

eISSN: 2373-7492

Published Quarterly – January, April, July, October

Editor: Jennifer Bean, University of Washington


Most Read

Call for Papers

Feminist Media Histories invites submissions for a special issue on Decolonial Feminisms to be guest edited by Debashree Mukherjee and Pavitra Sundar. The journal seeks papers that reflect on the relations between media, coloniality, and resistance from multiple locational commitments. See the Call for Papers for additional details, including submission instructions and deadlines.

SCMS Women's Caucus Graduate Student Writing Prize

Co-sponosred by FMH, the SCMS Women's Caucus Graduate Student Writing Prize recognizes outstanding scholarship in the field of feminist media history. Read Lauren E. Wilks's 2019 award-winning article, "The Serena Show: Mapping Tensions between Masculinized and Feminized Media Portrayals of Serena Williams and the Black Female Sporting Body" in the journal's July 2020 issue.

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