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David Aliano, College of Mount Saint Vincent


Associate Editors

Ravi K. Perry, Howard University

Kendra Brewster, Providence College

Natchee Barnd, Oregon State University

Kristopher Burrell, Hostos Community College/CUNY


Contributing Editor

Ron Scapp, College of Mount Saint Vincent


Assistant Editor

Carla J. DuBose-Simmons, SUNY Westchester Community College


Editorial Board

Deanne Bell, University of East London

Sunita Bose, SUNY New Paltz

Peter Carravetta, SUNY Stony Brook

Evelyn Hu-DeHart, Brown University

Joon Kim, Colorado State University

Stephen F. Kruger, Graduate Center/CUNY

Jason Mohaghegh, Babson College

Rolando Pérez, Hunter College/CUNY

Robert Perry, (emeritus) Eastern Michigan State and Bowling Green State University

Kathleen Brogan, Wellesley College

Ana López, Tulane University

Kevin McGruder, Antioch College


Book Review Editor

Kendra Brewster, Providence College

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