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Types of Alerts

There are multiple email alert options that you can tailor to suit your needs to help you keep up to date with content. An email alert is a way for you to receive updates to the journals of your choice and a way to access the content directly from your in-box.  

Although each journal is somewhat different, the following alerts may be available: 

  • Latest Issue Alert: Receive an email whenever a new issue becomes available for a particular journal. The email lists all the articles in that issue.
  • Article Activity Alert: Receive an email showing comments added, citation count changes, corrections and retractions to the article you are currently viewing. 
  • Saved Search Alert. Receive an email whenever new content is published that matches a search or set of searches you set-up in the system. These can be very specific or as simple as the selection of a particular topic. Any search you create can be made into a search alert and you can have multiple working at the same time. 

Signing Up For Alerts

First, please make sure you are signed in to your account. The sign-in button is at the top right of every page. If you have not registered before click on the register button and then use that sign-in information once created. 

You can sign-up for alert in three key places:

  1. On the article page in standard view check along the right column of the page in the “Email alerts” box. Click on the alert you want and follow the prompts.  
  2. On the Issue page check at the top of the right column and look for the “Email Alerts” box. Click on the alert you want and follow the prompts.
  3. After you run a search from any page, at the top in the center column with the results you’ll see “Save Search.” After clicking on that you’ll be asked to “name” your search and to confirm if you’d like an alert sent when new content matches your search criteria. Once you have made these selections click the “Save Search” button.

Manage Alerts

Once you have created an alert you may wish to remove the alert at some point in the future. To do so simply click on your name art the top right of any page once logged in and select “My Alerts.” From this view you can see all the alerts you have created.

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