Ruggiero's stated purpose is “… to expose … the mythology which surrounds the image of Italian American women …” through studies of Italian American women and the Italian American family in a “feminist framework.” These new studies would offer “feminist method and content” and new, unconventional methodologies would provide a “female corrective” to the “masculinist bias [found in] traditional ethnic studies scholarship.” Ruggiero's motives are laudable, but she fails to clarify either the “masculinist,” “sex-typed” view point she criticizes or the new “feminist” methodology she advocates. A “selected review” of “traditional literature” she offers by way of explanation becomes a rostrum for condemnation of the “masculinist” motives, methods, and conclusions in the works considered (by R. Gambino, H. Gans, B. B. Caroli, C. Mindel and R. W. Habenstein, and others).

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