Missionary, teacher, professor, strikebreaker, cook, waiter, and author are embodied in the national treasure interviewed here. Lorenz Graham received an honorary Doctorate of Letters from his alma mater forty-seven years after receiving the B.A. degree. He is almost as old as the twentieth century in years of age and as young as a college freshman in spirit. Graham is a recognized giant as a writer of literature for young readers. His major works include South Town (Chicago: Follett Publishing Company, 1958), North Town (New York: Thomas Y. Crowell Company, 1965), Whose Town: (New York: Thomas Y. Crowell Company, 1969), Return to South Town? (New York: Thomas Y. Crowell Company, 1976), and John Brown: A Cry for Freedom (New York: Thomas Y. Crowell Company, 1980). In the following interview Graham shares aspects of his life with those who share the dream of a better society.

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