In their thought-provoking book A People’s Guide to New York City Muñoz, Lewis, and Molina skillfully uncover the untold tales and marginalized populations that shape the city. With meticulous research, captivating storytelling, and a critical lens, the authors challenge readers to reassess their perception of New York and actively contribute to a more inclusive future.

Muñoz et al.’s central claim is that the authentic core of New York City lies in the stories of its diverse communities and residents. By unraveling the narratives that have historically privileged certain groups while marginalizing others, the authors expose the hidden stories of the city and prompt us to question who truly shaped New York and whose stories have been suppressed or overlooked.

To support their argument, the authors employ a range of historical studies, personal anecdotes, interviews, and academic sources. Each chapter focuses on a specific region of the city, delving into its...

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