Nitasha Sharma, “The Black Pacific: Contributions to Histories, Concepts, and Methods,” Ethnic Studies Review 44, Issue 3 (fall 2021).

The author has issued the following corrections. ESR has made these changes to the online version of the article.

P. 25, line 29: “and Asia, do, not…” should be “and Asia, do not…”

P. 25, line 36: There should be a comma after “Black studies,”

P. 25 line 40: the word “only” and the phrase “specifically in Hawai‘i” should be deleted such that the sentence reads: “It additionally shifts debates in Black and Native studies from North America to this oceanic context, not structured by a Black and White binary and where sizeable Indigenous populations significantly shape the political and cultural possibilities of Black life in the Pacific, such as in Hawai‘i.”

P. 26, line 14: delete “in the Pacific”

P. 26, line 26: “White and Hawaiian and Asian and Hawaiian”...

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