The findings of Professor Reinhardt as they relate to his survey of the image of homosexuals in Chicano prose fiction are interesting and informative, but not surprising given the “macho” mental set often associated with this culture. His first two points, which seem to hold about the homosexual in contemporary society, also seem to be the viewpoint held by most Americans. In other words, a lack of tolerance towards the homosexual is not unique to Chicanos. As for the fact that Chicanos are ignored in writings which have homosexuality as a theme, this probably stems from the tendency for writers in many fields to ignore the role that minorities play in all facets of American life and culture. Just the same, the conclusions arrived at through this survey of Chicano literature provide further insight into a controversial aspect of human sexuality as viewed from one cultural setting and expressed through literature. The research also suggests some other avenues of inquiry into the image of homosexuals as portrayed in other cultures' literatures.

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