I like to go out on Friday nights and Saturday nights and join up with my homies and walk around the hot spots and get some food. I like to check out the girls and see if I can get something going with them. But every weekend the cops stop me. What the fuck for? I go to school everyday and get treated like a criminal and then, when I want to step out of my house…I get treated like a criminal again! I have never been arrested for nothing! But I always get stopped for walkin' down the street. For walkin' down the street! Am I in a gang (the police ask)? Who's in a gang? Who's carrying a gun, a disrepectful attitude, and stopping people for nothing? The police gang. You don't see me with a gun or knife or harassing anyone! I'm just tryin' to walk down the fucking street. an anonymous sixteen year-old Chicano (Author, 2004)

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