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Special Feature: The Power of Surprise in Analyzing Environmental Policy: Case Studies of Innovative Responses to Environmental Challenges

Krister Andersson, The Notre Dame Professor of Sustainable Development, University of Notre Dame, South Bend, IN, USA
Christina Boyes, Assistant Professor of Politics, Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas (CIDE), Mexico

Cognitive scientists have found that when we are surprised by something, we become more susceptible to revise our existing beliefs and learn new things. The goal of this special feature is to harness the power of surprise in environmental policy analysis.


We, the Special Feature editors, invite contributions of case studies that document some element of surprise associated with policy responses to environmental problems. The element of surprise could be related to the governance process that produced a particular policy, the design aspects of a new policy intervention, policy implementation, or the unexpected results that an existing intervention yielded, just to mention a few. We invite you to surprise the editors with studies that cover additional aspects of policy interventions!


We are particularly interested in proposed case studies that contribute to a deeper appreciation of the unpredictable nature of public policy interventions. We are also interested in the role of unconventional, innovative, and non-invasive policy interventions (e.g., interventions that do not primarily rely on central-government programs or traditional command and control policy). That said, it is important that the policy response under study has produced demonstrable results and is not merely an innovative idea for a future policy response. READ MORE


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