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Special Feature: Agrobiodiversity Nourishes Us/La Agrobiodiversidad Nos Nutre: Action Research for Agroecological Transformations

This special feature emerges from the crucial question of how agrobiodiversity nourishes, in all senses of the term. We ask: What is the relationship between, on one hand, the diversity of farms and living productive landscapes, and, on the other, the physical, affective, and collective wellbeing of farmers and eaters? How are the pathways that connect agrobiodiversity to FS/FSN mediated by markets, policy, knowledge networks, and trade regimes across scales? How do power dynamics from household to global levels affect for whom and by whom agrobiodiversity works?

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Sebastian M. McRae
Roland Ebel; Fabián D. Menalled; J. Pablo Morales Payán; Giulia Maria Baldinelli; Laura Berríos Ortiz; Juan Ariel Castillo Cocom
Karl S. Zimmerer; Yildiz Aumeeruddy-Thomas; Sophie Caillon; Yolanda Jiménez-Olivencia; Laura Porcel-Rodríguez; Chris S. Duvall
Keitlyn Alcántara
Karl S. Zimmerer; Steven J. Vanek; Megan Dwyer Baumann; Jacob van Etten
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