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Special Feature: Red Tide: Multidisciplinary Studies of an Exceptional Algal Bloom in Southern California

In the spring of 2020, an exceptional bloom of the dinoflagellate Lingulodinium polyedra erupted in coastal southern California. The bloom persisted for more than six weeks and impacted coastal regions from Ventura County to well south of the US-Mexico border. In addition to intense bioluminescence, the bloom coincided with fish and invertebrate die-offs in the nearshore and in aquaria supplied by seawater, low oxygen levels, and reports of strong odors several miles inland. The close proximity of the bloom to several marine labs and long-term observing programs provided an opportunity to observe the causes and consequences of the bloom in unprecedented breadth and detail. In this special issue, we invite submissions on all aspects on the physical and chemical setting, biology, and biogeochemical consequences of this event. We particularly encourage multidisciplinary investigations that bring new insights to bloom formation and the impacts on human and ecosystem health. We also invite submissions from laboratory studies, modeling investigations, and field campaigns focused on related events.

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Zachary R. Skelton; Lillian R. McCormick; Garfield T. Kwan; Joshua Lonthair; Carlos Neira; Samantha M. Clements; Todd R. Martz; Philip J. Bresnahan; Uwe Send; Sarah N. Giddings; Jeffrey C. Sevadjian; Stephanie Jaeger; Adriano Feit; Benjamin W. Frable; Phillip J. Zerofski; Melissa Torres; Jeffrey A. Crooks; Justin McCullough; Melissa L. Carter; Eva Ternon; Luke P. Miller; Gabriella M. Kalbach; Duncan C. Wheeler; P. Ed Parnell; Katherine M. Swiney; Garrett Seibert; Jeremiah J. Minich; John R. Hyde; Philip A. Hastings; Jennifer E. Smith; Lisa M. Komoroske; Martin Tresguerres; Lisa A. Levin; Nicholas C. Wegner
Eva Ternon; Melissa L. Carter; Lucia Cancelada; Robert H. Lampe; Andrew E. Allen; Clarissa R. Anderson; Kimberly A. Prather; William H. Gerwick
Jesse M. Wilson; Natalia Erazo; Elizabeth Connors; Emelia J. Chamberlain; Samantha M. Clements; Melissa L. Carter; Jennifer E. Smith; Jeff S. Bowman
Kenisha Shipley; Todd Martz; Philip Bresnahan; Taylor Wirth
Mati Kahru; Clarissa Anderson; Andrew D. Barton; Melissa L. Carter; Dylan Catlett; Uwe Send; Heidi M. Sosik; Elliot L. Weiss; B. Greg Mitchell
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