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Special Feature: The Sea Surface Microlayer - Linking the Ocean and Atmosphere

The sea surface microlayer is the boundary interface between atmosphere and ocean, covering 70% of Earth’s surface. It typically has physical, chemical and biological properties measurably distinct from underlying waters. The unique position of the sea surface microlayer gives it a central role in global biogeochemical cycles and climate-related processes. This special feature of Elementa presents state-of-the-art science on this important interface with contributions across a range of disciplines, including trace metal biogeochemistry, air-sea gas exchange, marine microbiology, organic chemistry and modelling. The research covers a broad range of oceanic ecosystems, from coastal seas to open ocean and from polar regions to tropical waters.

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Oliver Wurl; Werner Ekau; William M. Landing; Christopher J. Zappa
Ian R. Jenkinson; Laurent Seuront; Haibing Ding; Florence Elias
M. L. Miranda; N. I. H. Mustaffa; T. B. Robinson; C. Stolle; M. Ribas-Ribas; O. Wurl; O. Zielinski
M. Ribas-Ribas; L. F. Kilcher; O. Wurl
A.S. Pradeep Ram; X. Mari; J. Brune; J.P. Torréton; V.T. Chu; P. Raimbault; J. Niggemann; T. Sime-Ngando
Kathryn Lynn Howe; Cayla Whitney Dean; John Kluge; Alexander Victor Soloviev; Aurelien Tartar; Mahmood Shivji; Susanne Lehner; William Perrie
Xavier Mari; Thuoc Chu Van; Benjamin Guinot; Justine Brune; Jean-Pierre Lefebvre; Patrick Raimbault; Thorsten Dittmar; Jutta Niggemann
Nur Ili Hamizah Mustaffa; Mariana Ribas-Ribas; Oliver Wurl
Alina M. Ebling; William M. Landing
Peter L. L. Walls; James C. Bird
Manuela van Pinxteren; Stefan Barthel; Khanneh Wadinga Fomba; Konrad Müller; Wolf von Tümpling; Hartmut Herrmann
Oliver Wurl; Werner Ekau; William M. Landing; Christopher J. Zappa
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