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Special Feature: Quantification of Urban Greenhouse Gas Emissions: The Indianapolis Flux Experiment

Atmospheric monitoring of urban carbon emissions

Urban greenhouse gas emissions represent about 70% of the global carbon emissions. In order to curb these emissions, independent verification emerges as a necessity to inform reduction approaches. The Indianapolis Flux Experiment (INFLUX) seeks to demonstrate and develop methods to monitor anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions at high spatial and temporal resolution from the Indianapolis urban area using direct measurements of the surrounding atmosphere. This Special Feature presents the latest findings from INFLUX.

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James R. Whetstone
Isaac J. Vimont; Jocelyn C. Turnbull; Vasilii V. Petrenko; Philip F. Place; Anna Karion; Natasha L. Miles; Scott J. Richardson; Kevin Gurney; Risa Patarasuk; Colm Sweeney; Bruce Vaughn; James W.C. White
Brian J. Gaudet; Thomas Lauvaux; Aijun Deng; Kenneth J. Davis
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