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Special Feature: ASPIRE: The Amundsen Sea Polynya International Research Expedition

Understanding the climate-sensitive processes supporting the Antarctic's most productive marine ecosystem

The Amundsen Sea is a place on Earth about as far as you can get from human civilization. Satellites reveal it to be the most productive region of coastal Antarctica. Nearby glaciers and ice sheets are melting rapidly. Between November 2010 and January 2011, the U.S. Research Icebreaker Nathaniel B. Palmer was joined by the Swedish Icebreaker Oden for the Amundsen Sea Polynya International Research Expedition (ASPIRE). Scientists on the NBP focused on understanding the climate-sensitive dynamics of the open water region, known as a “polynya,” while the Oden investigated the disappearing sea-ice ecosystem nearby. Here we report our findings from this extraordinary place.

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PL Yager; RM Sherrell; SE Stammerjohn; HW Ducklow; OME Schofield; ED Ingall; SE Wilson; KE Lowry; CM Williams; L Riemann; S Bertilsson; A-C Alderkamp; J Dinasquet; R Logares; I Richert; RE Sipler; AJ Melara; L Mu; RG Newstead; AF Post; R Swalethorp; GL van Dijken
C.M. Williams; A.M. Dupont; J. Loevenich; A.F. Post; J. Dinasquet; P.L. Yager
R.M. Sherrell; M.E. Lagerström; K.O. Forsch; S.E. Stammerjohn; P.L. Yager
Oscar Schofield; Travis Miles; Anne-Carlijn Alderkamp; SangHoon Lee; Christina Haskins; Emily Rogalsky; Rachel Sipler; Robert M. Sherrell; Patricia L. Yager
E. Randall-Goodwin; M. P. Meredith; A. Jenkins; P. L. Yager; R. M. Sherrell; E. P. Abrahamsen; R. Guerrero; X. Yuan; R. A. Mortlock; K. Gavahan; A.-C. Alderkamp; H. Ducklow; R. Robertson; S. E. Stammerjohn
Rachel E. Sipler; Tara L. Connelly
S. E. Stammerjohn; T. Maksym; R. A. Massom; K. E. Lowry; K. R. Arrigo; X. Yuan; M. Raphael; E. Randall-Goodwin; R. M. Sherrell; P. L. Yager
Hugh W. Ducklow; Stephanie E. Wilson; Anton F. Post; Sharon E. Stammerjohn; Matthew Erickson; SangHoon Lee; Kate E. Lowry; Robert M. Sherrell; Patricia L. Yager
Inga Richert; Julie Dinasquet; Ramiro Logares; Lasse Riemann; Patricia L. Yager; Annelie Wendeberg; Stefan Bertilsson
Anne-Carlijn Alderkamp; Gert L. van Dijken; Kate E. Lowry; Tara L. Connelly; Maria Lagerström; Robert M. Sherrell; Christina Haskins; Emily Rogalsky; Oscar Schofield; Sharon E. Stammerjohn; Patricia L. Yager; Kevin R. Arrigo
Stephanie E. Wilson; Rasmus Swalethorp; Sanne Kjellerup; Megan A. Wolverton; Hugh W. Ducklow; Patricia L. Yager
L. Mu; S. E. Stammerjohn; K. E. Lowry; P. L. Yager
Lollie Garay; Anna Marie Wotkyns; Kate E. Lowry; Janet Warburton; Anne-Carlijn Alderkamp; Patricia L. Yager
Kevin R. Arrigo; Zachary W. Brown; Matthew M. Mills
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