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Atmospheric Science


Detlev Helmig, Principal, Boulder Air Consulting, CO, USA

Elementa's Atmospheric Science Domain is dedicated to research on the impacts of human activities and the natural state of the Earth’s atmosphere. Elementa invites original research manuscripts that investigate chemical and physical atmospheric properties encompassing natural processes, perturbations, and assessment of future conditions. Elementa will consider work on laboratory studies, field observations, and modeling. Key subject areas include atmospheric chemistry of gases and particles, atmospheric transport, gas and particle exchanges at the Earth’s surface, terrestrial and oceanic biosphere-atmosphere interactions, air quality and air pollution, atmospheric processes in the polar environment, and chemical and radiative influences and feedbacks of the atmosphere on the climate system. Elementa, in particular, strives to become a home for publications on societal impacts of atmospheric conditions and processes, for policy-relevant research findings, and for work that directs and nurtures the path towards a sustainable Earth Atmosphere. To attain this goal, submissions going beyond traditional disciplinary borders are welcome. Interdisciplinary research that bridges Atmospheric Science to any of the five other Elementa domains of Ocean Science, Earth and Environmental Science, Ecology, Sustainable Engineering, and Sustainability Transitions will be co-evaluated with the respective editors of those domains.

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