In the published article, we detected four minor errors: i) on page 3, in the last sentence, “> 5,000 ha” should be replaced by “>100 ha”; and “<500 ha” should be replaced by “< 50 ha”; ii) on page 4, Figure 2 (below), the legend “até 10 ha” should be “up to 10 ha”; iii) on page 8, paragraph 2, “distribution of land titles to smallholders” should be replaced by “distribution of land titles to medium and smallholders”; “6,500 land titles” should be replaced by “18,000 land titles”; “distribute land to 150 thousand smallhoders: should be “distribute land to 150 thousand landholders”; and “6,000 hectares”should be replaced by “11 million hectares”; iv) on page 10, the reference (MDA. 2015. Ministério do Desenvolvimento Agrário.ár289bilhõesdecréditoparaagriculturafamiliar) should be: (MDA. 2015. Ministério do Desenvolvimento Agrário.Ção).

The article has been corrected accordingly.

The corrected Figure 2 is shown below:

Corrected Figure 2

The originally published Figure 2 is also shown for reference:

Original Figure 2

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