This manifestx refuses calls to “tone down” by instead toning up. We declare an intersectional present and future for organizational communication, one that embraces fiery language, is undisciplined, arises in relation, destabilizes white righteousness, and will not be silent. There is no time for intersectionality like the present; the time for intersectionality is now.

#ToneUp. We only have time for intersectionality. We do not have time to waste on the narcissism of whiteness. We do not have time to cater to the anxiety of US American identity, whose false exceptionalism depends on pretending as if its interpretations of the world are universal for the world's own good.

Lady Liberty doth protest too much.

Professor Org Comm doth protest too much.

#ToneUp. Our future essays will be dragons, unashamed and unafraid, breathing heat into the discipline and burning away the systems of so-called civility steeped in whiteness, patriarchy, hierarchy, and heteronormativity that enact violence day after day after day. Our fiery language is dangerous, threatening the status quo. Our fiery language is a deliberate disruption, warming the spirits and bodies of those whom organizational communication has attempted to exile out into the intradisciplinary cold.

Prepare: Our dragons are on the way.

#ToneUp. We bring forth a new vision of professional. Our professional does not wear a suit, does not stifle emotions, does not buy into the idea of professionalism as white Western heteronormative upper-class masculinity's domain. Does not buy into anything. Our professional embraces feeling as part of logic. Our professional's labor is intensely emotional and expertly academic. It does not belong to or identify with the institution.

Our intersectional professional is taking over.

#ToneUp. We transform places and presences. We reject the disciplining of our bodies, identities, dreams, and ideas as the price of admission. We dwell in the question of how to make lives livable in the here and now, no longer shrinking to fit a box of whiteness, straightness, and normativity that ultimately serves none of us.

Our queer horizons are limitless.

#ToneUp. We write in/with ancestors, in/with histories, in/with contexts, in/with Others, in/with lands. Why would we wish to break the ground? We have no need to claim fraudulent “discoveries,” colonizing the knowledges of those who came before and are still with us. We are together. Our relevance is determined by the intimacy of our connections and relations to/with Others.

Take care, or you may end up as irrelevant as you would have us be.

#ToneUp. We embrace imperfection. We do not desire purity, as it is the realm of the savior, the fragile, and the righteous. Elephants are majestic creatures; we address them when they are in the room. We know that it is only by facing those parts of ourselves that participate in violence that we can change them.

It is not the righteous who do right.

#ToneUp. We respond in the face of violence, to the face of violence. We do not wait for comfort, tenure, or other excuses meant to lull us into complacency. We do not care if that makes you uncomfortable. We hope it does, that it shatters your complacency and you decide to join us.

Together we are stronger than the violence.

#ToneUp. What are you waiting for? Are you ready to do the fiery work of radical inclusion and equity? Join us.

#ToneUp. The time for intersectionality is now.