Created by scholar, artist, and activist Ruth Nicole Brown in 2006, Saving Our Lives, Hear Our Truths (SOLHOT) collectively brings together Black girls and women from all walks of life to answer the central question: What does a space that focuses on the freedom of Black girls look like? Since its inception SOLHOT has served as a key means to do the following:

Approaching its tenth year, SOLHOT continues to provide a space for creative performance and expression, and explores the complexities and robust realities of Black girlhood. Equally, it generates new ways of thinking about relationships between Black girls/our bodies, education/experience, research/celebration, scholar and artist, and girls/women.1 

SOLHOT in its many forms (after-school programming, original theatrical and dance performances, chapbooks, original poetry and music, conferences, scholarship, digital archives) crosses and joins multiple disciplines while expanding the field of Black Girlhood Studies (BGS). BGS unearths and illuminates unconventional, creative,...

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